Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Results

From all the hard work in Connecticut within the Lamont Campaign, we will view the results tonight. So many were involved in this campaign, and they should all know that they gave it their all. Chris Bowers has a good post up.

This campaign could have been a lesson to the establishment media that the progressive netroots are just a subset of the progressive movement, just as the progressive blogosphere is a subset of the progressive netroots. The progressive blogosphere is only about one-third of the progressive netroots, and the progressive netroots are only about on-third of the progressive movement (and the progressive movement has grown to about half the size of the Democratic Party)

I highly doubt that Chris Matthews has the intelligence to understand this true concept, but I suspect that many in this so called established media will catch on.

So my dear Nutmeggers, the flower is your result. What all of you have done together is the result. You have taken all the aspects of the Progressive movement and brought them together and put forth a driving force.

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