Monday, August 07, 2006

CT Politics

All I can say is it is feeling a bit weird here with only two days left until the primary. The national, even international, attention the Lamont/Lieberman battle here blows my mind. The Lieberman camp has called this house NUMEROUS times. And those sneaky bastards found some way to have their number on caller id say "000-0000."

Yesterday, we headed to the CT River for lunch. We were at a light at a major intersection of a road called the Silas Deane Hwy (Joey has one of his offices there). There were SIX teens holding Lieberman signs at the intersection. Since we were stopped, I opened the window and SCREAMED, "Ned Lamont!!" One kid looked like a deer in the headlights, LOL!

After lunch, we drove down the Silas Deane. I'm telling you, Joey had his lawn signs all the way down the stretch -- about 12" apart. It was very annoying. Today, I had to go back to return the slippers I bought for my MIL yesterday. Someone had placed Lamont signs in front of some of the Lieberman signs.

I read (maybe it was yours, Lizzy, but I am hyperblogging today) Candy Crowley was following Ned around in Orange today. I also heard something about the BBC covering this. It's wild, and potentially change the face of national politics as we see it today.

On the gubernatorial front, Matthew called me this morning. He said the Destefano people ambushed the Malloy office with signs regarding a commercial Dan put out recently. Then Matthew asked if I would go down to New Haven where the protestors were heading next. I couldn't go because of the slippers and had to visit my MIL.

The Lamont people called me today to see if I can volunteer tomorrow and Tuesday. I really couldn't commit, again, because of MIL's status.

Lizzy, EXCELLENT pic of THE KISS float! It's the best one I've ever seen!

I guess things will be atwitter here in CT -- at LEAST until Tuesday. When Ned wins, all hell will really break loose!!

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