Friday, August 04, 2006

4 More Days til Primary Day in Connecticut

For those who live outside of CT, you can follow the primary via the WTIC website. This link talks of the coverage from 7PM. But Bruce and Colin will be reporting during their afternoon show from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. Streaming audio for both shows can be found here:


Spazeboy is quite baffled as to why people would purposely fill up a restaurant and ambush a candidate. Spazeboy feels that Matt Stoller at MyDD did a better job capturing the moment, but I disagree, I think they both did a good job, just different styles of writing.

The New York Times today ran an article today about the Bloggers that have been following the Lamont Campaign:

This was one example of how the Lamont campaign tried to harness the energy, anger and muckraking zeal of an expanding network of blogs in its effort to unseat Mr. Lieberman, the three-term senator. Dozens of liberal and antiwar bloggers, some of them from across the country but many others in Connecticut, have rallied to Mr. Lamont’s cause. In their blogs — a frequent publication of personal thoughts and Web links, often done chronologically — they file daily posts attacking, investigating or just tweaking Mr. Lieberman while spreading a pro-Lamont message.
There is mention of Spazeboy and Jane in the article, two people that have been so energetic. Jane has the gossip now on the apparent "No Show Volunteers" for Lieberman.

My Left Nutmeg has a flashback.

And if you are so inclined and feel you want to do something to GOTV, you can!!!! has virtual phone banking set up for those who cannot make it to Connecticut.

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