Thursday, August 03, 2006

Right Wingnut on PlanB

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of The View. I don't usually watch the View. I think Elisabeth Hasslebeck is nuttier than a fruitcake! But I recorded the show today because Nancy Grace was going to be on the show. HOWEVER, I am also not a fan of Nancy Grace. I can't stand her! My only motivation was to watch her make an ass of herself.

But I couldn't believe the crazy exchange between Elisabeth, Joy Behar, and Baba Walters on Plan B. Elisabeth got hot-under-the-collar over how Plan B is just wrong because life (blah, blah, blah) begins at conception. Joy argued that Elisabeth thinks it's fine for a child who has been raped by her father or some other crazy person to carry the pregnancy to term. And this isn't even the weird part, folks.

Babs kind of jumped in and told Elisabeth to cool her jets (my term). They cut to commercial. When they come back, Babs and Elisabeth has their arms around each other. Elisabeth was SITTING on Babs' lap. Then Babs went on this whole diatribe about how they respect each other's points of view. And what ensued were a few more hugs and kisses between them.

No doubt this was damage control for the show on Babs' part. And Elisabeth clearly looked scared that she was going to become the next Star Jones (I still think it's possible). I searched all over the net to see if there is any streaming video because you really have to see it. So far, nada.

But there is a link here, and here.

To boot, I didn't get to see the Nancy Grace segment (did any of y'all read recently how ELIZABETH SMART put NG in her place for pressing Elizabeth to talk about her nine months as a kidnapped bride? It was priceless!). Someone in this household cancelled the recording before Nancy's segment. GRRRRRR!!!!!!

My internets have been broken for four hours now. I was having withdrawals!!

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