Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Local Wildlife support Ned

And who can blame them really. After all bears present an image so like ourselves, rather quite complex and fascinating animals deserving of great respect. But there is nothing complex about the Lamont Campaign. The people powered movement working to unseat Lieberman is scaring the crap out of the Political Machine in Washington. It is about time too. For too long, we have had to accept what was decided by the higher ups in the party. Didn't they realize that eventually the party that claims they are for the people would one day really be the people.

Digby says that the national press is going to descend on the Lamont/Lieberman primary in its final week. Seems they will be following Joe around in his bus. Well, I really haven't read what they have written, because I prefer reading what the people have to say. And ConnecticutBLOG has got a lot worth reading.

We all heard about the sick ploy by Joe Lieberman placing flyers on cars. Joe played the race card, accusing Ned Lamont of being a racists.

Some call it a Lee Atwater style, I call it smear by a man in "his last throes."

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