Monday, July 31, 2006

John Hall for Congress

In the lush Hudson Valley hills and bucolic towns that make up New York's 19th Congressional District, Republican Rep. Sue Kelly has never had to worry much about losing her seat. At least, not until this year.

Here is a picture of our hills.

And here is what John says about our Environment:
We need to protect our air, soil and water not just for beauty and habitat, but to protect our health. And the environment knows no boundaries; we breathe air containing particulates from coal-fired power plants in the mid-West, we suffer from storms and temperature extremes made worse by global climate change, we all have measurable amounts of PCBs and radioisotopes in our bodies. Environment equals health. That's the short version of the equation in which we live.

If you have a moment I recommend that you read the rest of the article, because within it, it states that Sue Kelly will not stand up to the people in power. When the Republicans need Sue Kelly's vote, she is there for them.

John stated "If you want a continued increase in debt, the loss of our reputation around the world, a continued reliance on fossil fuels and more foreign entanglements like Iraq, then vote for Sue Kelly. I'll go back and find another job."

I definitely do not want our country to continue on its current course, that is why I support John Hall.

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