Sunday, July 30, 2006

Quinnipiac Poll (QPoll)

I suppose this is a silly thing to be excited about, but I am cuz I'm never polled about anything. But over the past three days, I've seen Quinnipiac University on my caller ID. They don't leave messages. Finally, Ken answered them today for a poll. BUT they want to talk to the person with the next closest birthday in the future. That would be Matthew (damn! I wanted it to be me!). So, they're calling Matthew back either tomorrow or Monday at 8 PM. Oh, I hope it will be Lieberman/Lamont poll! I'll let y'all know.

Meanwhile, I read in today's Hartford Courant that Lieberman's popular base lies with Sr. Citizens; folks who make $30,000 or less a year; and the uneducated groups. Imagine that? The folks he's screwing the most are the ones who do not understand that is exactly what he is doing! It's so sad.

What will poor Joey do with his pathetic life when he is out of office? Oh, wait. I don't give a sh*t!!

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