Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Spazeboy Interview

He was interviewed by Bruce and Colin on the radio this afternoon. He talked about how he was booted out of the Clinton/Lieberman event yesterday. Interesting.

Listen Here

or Click here for the page. You have to scroll down a little bit. The soundbite is on the right hand side of the page (wish they'd give those things links!).

On another note, two Lieberman canvassers rang my doorbell late this afternoon. My husband (not very political) answered the door. The girl says, "I'm looking for Keith, Matthew, Brian or Rosemary. Are any of them home?" Ken (girl must have read his name wrong on this list) said, "Yes. Some of them are home, but they don't want to talk to Lieberman people." I couldn't believe it, LOL! Ken isn't usually that direct. The girl says, "Okay. Who are you all voting for?" Ken said, "Ned Lamont." With that he closed the door, and the girls were on the way.

I wonder how much Joey is paying these folks to endure vile reactions to their pleas. You couldn't' pay me enough!

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