Monday, July 31, 2006

GOTV for Ned Lamont

The first thing to do is download the flyer that Tim has.

The Ned Lamont Website has a great list of things that can be done to help GET. OUT. THE. VOTE. for Ned Lamont.

  1. Send a postcard to your family, friends and neighbors inside Connecticut.

  2. Invite your email address book to use the family, friends and neighbor tool.

  3. Help phone banking and canvassing down-the-stretch. If you want to phone bank, just show up to the closest field office in Connecticut. If you are willing to canvass, let the field office know you’ll be stopping by, our indomitable staff will prepare concise maps for your use.

  4. Lastly contribute if you are able. Ask your friends and family to contribute too. And could you please go to Spazeboy and contribute on his "Rock the Boat."

Connecticut Bob has a wealthy of information.

Jane Hamsher has a great post up, well worth reading.

What have you been reading...Pam needs some cheering up.

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