Monday, August 07, 2006

A Little Late...but the News is in Connecticut

It is almost 6:00 pm so I guess you could say it is Primary Eve in Connecticut. People on edge, emotions are frayed, especially with today’s Quinnipac poll showing that Ned is down to a five point lead.

It’s all down to the ground game now, GOTV.

Connecticut Bob tells us:

Local bloggers are reporting instances of vandalism, fraud and theft at various campaign locations. I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see Lieberman's people allegedly resorting to these tactics, but then I remind myself that Joe Lieberman is two-faced and considers himself above the will of the Democrats, so it does make a kind of sense.
Shame on those LieberKids.

And Jane has some good things to say about being nervous:
I know people were a bit freaked out by the new Q-Poll this morning that only showed Lamont 6 points ahead of Lieberman but I agree with Kos – since most of the internal polling showed the race much closer, the Q-Poll giving Lamont a 13 point lead was probably an outlier.

I am heading home now, if you have found something else, please post it.

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