Tuesday, August 08, 2006

WTIC Updates Here


I'll report anything significant and update while on the air.

Jesse Jackson says that a Lamont win suggest a large turnoout of anti-Bush voters in November. Discussing Lieberman's vote for the energy bill. Jackson calls Lieberman switches to Independent, it's disengenuos (sp). "This is a national election staged in CT." Talk about need for Hillary to change her moves should Lamont win. Jackson says she has already begun (calling for firing of Rummy).

Some political reporter I don't know:

Early morning voters were Lamont crowd. Later voters were more Lieberman crowd. (this guy is funny, but I can't type that fast!). He says voter turnout in Farmington is HUGE. He says gubernatorial and senate races are too close to call right now.

(Dammit, I want numbers)

Ralph Nader interview at 4:10. Al Sharpton at 4:40.

Some jerk from Lieberman campaign posing charges that Lamont folks hacked their website. Oh, sorry. Clearly comes from one of Lieberman's political opponents (rather than a Lamont staffer). Pffffttttt!

Lamont interview with Tweety on MSNBC

Lamont says, "We don't know anything about it. We've told them to stop sabbotaging the website. This is another false charge against the campaign."

Oh, they are going to interview Tim Tigaris about the website accusations.

Nedlamont's blog, Tim wrote they offered to send their tech gurus over to the Lieberman camp. No response for the past hour.

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