Tuesday, August 08, 2006

WTIC Coverage

Nothing much to report right now. Record turnout for primary voting here in CT. Lieberman abandoned public appearances in order to phone bank. Hmmm.

Lieberman camp claims they have no numbers. BS. They do, too. I know how it works cuz the kid works for the Malloy campaign.

Colin reporting on Lamont. The GQ reporter is there. Colin predicts that if Lamont wins, the camp will offer a HUGE olive branch to the Lieberman camp. Colin says the Lamont people are all really laid back (relaxed). Lots of help coming in for Lamont from NYers and stuff. Lieberman camp seems more tense :-)

Whiney Lieberman saying he has been optimistic the past five or six days. But you never know. Please go out to vote (Wahhhhh!!!!!).

Update from Lizzy (7:53pm): MyDD is reporting that Lamont won the Absentee Ballots in West Hartford.

Connecticut Bob has a picture up of Jesse Jackson who said ""Bloggers -- that's where the truth is."

Kos is going to be on Keith at 8 pm.

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