Tuesday, August 08, 2006

MSNBC Tweety Coverage

Tweety with LIEberman. "I've always tried to do what I believe is right." More BS from LIEberman.

Lamont and Tweety: "It was a good campaign. I stuck to the issues. I wouldn't change a thing. People of CT don't want to stay the course."

ON WTIC, Internet Communications Director, Tim Tagaris spoke with Bruce and Colin about the hacked computer system of the Joe Lieberman campaign and their efforts to help out and why the computer may have been hacked into.

My Left Nutmeg has some results of the Astonishing Turnout in Stamford.

MyDD has more on the *hacking* Lieberman website.

Connecticut Blog
has lots, and pictures of Ned at the Bridgeport Headquarters.

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