Sunday, September 24, 2006

What's the Frequency, Democrats?

I am deeply troubled. Talk Left has a post up on the "Bad Compromise" that is well worth reading.

The compromise between three Republican senators and the Bush administration over language in legislation governing the interrogation and trial of detainees turned back the worst of the administration's intentions, but that is no reason for the bill to win the support of any Democrat -- or, for that matter, any Republican who cares about justice.
Jane at FDL is disgusted with her country.
I don’t know what happened to the country I grew up to belive in, but I don’t recognize it in this matter any more.
Mary at Daily Kos has the link to the numbers to contact Senators and Represenatives. She recommends that you contact all of them and tell them that this legislation:

1. takes away habeas corpus rights of the innocent people who have been rounded up by the military or CIA and shipped off to be tortured and imprisoned for years with no protections and no way to secure their release; and

2. allows for torture or violations of not only the Geneva Conventions, but the War Crimes Act, the torture conventions and allows the United States military, government, CIA or President to commit crimes against innocent people with no recourse.

Unsurprisingly Digby:
This means that while the Republicans are pretending to keep the Geneva Conventions intact and prohibiting torture and taking great credit for it, they have removed any means by which one could hold the US government accountable for failing to live up to those rules. Rights without remedies. In other words, the whole thing basically just legalized torture for any practical purpose --- and that means all of it, from forced enemas to waterboarding to the rack. What's a furriner gonna do about it? He's is specifically not allowed any judicial review of anything to do with his treament unless his US government torturers turn themselves in and ask their superiors to punish them.

This is it folks. There will be no judicial oversight of torture which means there is no way to enforce the law. The world will just have to trust George W. Bush to follow those laws based upon his superior morals and decency.

Update II: Here's the WaPo pretty much saying the same thing. This bill is an abomination.

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