Saturday, September 23, 2006

My three, political TV Alerts

The first is an interview with Bill Clinton by (*sswipe) Chris Wallace on Fox. It's supposed to air Sunday (morning?). I read the full transcript here:

Clinton really RIPS into Wallace about his line of questioning WRT Path to 9/11 and Clinton's efforts (or lack thereof) to get bin Laden. Clinton does not cowar in this line of questioning and further challenges Wallace on his own lack of posing similar questions/accusations (my term) to the Bush administration. It's a good read, and it will be interesting to see how Fox edits this for air.

Next, an interview with Pakistani Musharaf (sp) on 60 Minutes Sunday. Musharaf states Bush (and/or officials of the administration) threatened attack on Pakistan shortly after 9/11. I'll have to hear the whole thing, but I don't have a lot of doubts that this happened.

Finally, on Wednesday, John and Elizabeth Edwards are interviewed on Oprah Winfrey (air times vary across the country). I caught a preview today, and it looks like it will be quite interesting. Elizabeth talks about when the police came to her door to (I assume) tell her about the death of their son. She said she fell to the floor and really lost it. She also talks about her breast cancer experience. John chimes in on the timing of it along with the loss of the VP race. Looks like this is a full hour with the Edwards'. And I am kind of excited because I take this as a sign that Edwards is gearing up for a presidential run. I hope so! I sure like him. But I am willing to change favors should another (more winnable) candidate pops up.

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