Sunday, September 24, 2006

This 'N That

Okay, I admit it. This graphic doesn't make sense. In fact, I usually try to be funny. But I googled for an image under "confused," and this was the closest I could get (after going through 25 pages). Oddly, most graphics under "confused" (when there are people in them) are male oriented. As a women's studies person, I could say more. But I genuinely adore the guys who post here and they don't deserve the ribbing :-)

I know nothing of politics today. I did some shopping for my MIL. I got a manicure (OMG! I love this place that I got to, but I got this new woman who beat the crap out of me -- in the form of a "massage"). I'm not letting her do my nails again! Oh, did I ever tell you about the sole male (owner, I think) of this shop? He did my nails last week, for the first time. OMG! He gives the best massage! I was SO close to that scene in "When Harry Met Sally," where Meg Ryan did her fake orgasm in the diner with Billy Crystal! Mine, however, would not have been fake! I felt like I was having an affair, LOL! Shame on me! I'm having him do my nails again next week ;-)

I've set my recorder to watch the Chris Wallace/Bill Clinton interview. I caught a clip of it tonight. Wowzer, Bill was REALLY PISSED. It shone through.

Tonight I watched Baba Wawa interview O'Lielly. This is not something I'm inclined to do, but I was curious. And that is where my "confused" heading stems from. Billy said that Clinton was a good president. Huh? He said that Rummy has to go. Huh? He said he feels sorry for Bush because Bush has made some mistakes. Oh, THERE'S the O'Lielly that I am familiar with! I don't know. It was just weird. (Oh, and for those who don't remember . . . Mike Wallace interviewed O'Leilly a year or so ago). Mike Wallace, FATHER of nutcase, Chris Wallace. I see a pattern here.

I also watched Leno interview Callista Flockhart (I really want to see this new show of hers). I gotta tell ya, she is dumber than a rock! I couldn't believe it. Leno was talking with her about toys she has for her son. He asked her if he likes Legos. She didn't KNOW WHAT LEGO's ARE!! Huh? Then Leno asked if the kid was into erector sets. Callista asks, "What? What is a Rector Set?" Leno made some stupid joke about how it's not a sexual (erection) thing. I'm sorry, but I don't know what planet she is from!

Finally, I went to my MIL's to prepare dinner for her and my husband. My MIL is terminal. My husband stays there on the weekends to care for her. His siblings carry the week-day shifts. WAY TOO LONG OF A STORY TO GET INTO HERE. But she seems to be doing decent (considering the fact they told us she had six weeks to live on July 20 and we're heading to October). So, I guess that's a good thing.

So what is going on with you and all of your lives?

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