Tuesday, August 29, 2006

See Dick Run

Watch the new animation, See Dick Run, that was featured at the MDP's State Convention on Saturday.

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From Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s speech at the Michigan Democratic Convention, Detroit:

When you lay off over a thousand Michigan citizens, and then invest $200 million to hire people in China, those are fighting words in Michigan.

We call it outsourcing. He can call it "restructuring." He can call it "personnel reallocation." Just don't call him "governor."

You can buy a lot of blue smoke with a billion dollars but eventually that smoke's going to clear and the truth will be there for all of Michigan to see.

No matter how much negative advertising my opponent buys, he can't change one fundamental truth. I am fighting for the things the every day people of Michigan want and need; my opponent has spent his time and a considerable part of his fortune fighting for things that hurt our citizens.

The choice could not be clearer.

Does Michigan need a Governor who would dismantle public education through private school vouchers?

Does Michigan need a Governor who's one of George Bush's top backers?

Do we want a Governor who would criminalize the personal medical decisions of a woman and her doctor even in the case of rape or incest?

Does Michigan want a Governor who has sat on the boards of organizations that advocate for slashing Medicaid, privatizing Social Security, drilling in the Great Lakes and making Michigan a right to work state?

My opponent was the CEO of Amway. Amway used to stand for American Way. Is it the American way to ship American jobs overseas?


Text and video of Gov. Granholm’s MDP speech here.

(The Amway company, cofounded by his father, Rich DeVos, has changed its name to Alticor Inc.)

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