Thursday, August 24, 2006

I think Hillary has a Crush on Ned

What else could it be? Well, maybe it is politics as usual. But it was fun writing it.

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will meet Friday with Democratic Senate candidate Ned Lamont to discuss how she can help his campaign in a three-way race against Sen. Joe Lieberman, now an independent candidate.

"Senator Clinton looks forward to meeting with Ned Lamont and discussing how she can be helpful to his campaign," Howard Wolfson, Clinton's campaign strategist, said Wednesday.
I am not going to be so quick to give kudos to Hillary, after all, she has not really been working for the people. However she has been working the voters of New York.
The day after political newcomer Ned Lamont stunned the political establishment and beat longtime Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman in the Democratic primary, Senator Hillary Clinton hit the campaign trail in a major way Wednesday.

She visited a senior center and made other stops across the city, a sign perhaps she's thinking about the message Lamont's victory means for Democrats who are facing anti-war opponents.
Hillary has not called for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. So she really isn't very different from Lieberman. Come on Hillary, I demand that you say the following line: "Our sons and daughters are dying in an unjust war that has no mission, and I made a grave mistake in voting for this war in Iraq. Our soldiers need to brought home now."

Maybe a private meeting with Ned Lamont will knock a little sense into her. Here's to hoping.

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