Wednesday, August 23, 2006

LTE: Just say NO to DICK

The News-Herald - Heritage Newspapers
Wayne County, MI

LTE (unavailable online) 8/23/06:

Sick and tired of seeing TV ads

At this point in time, I am sick and tired of seeing the political advertisements of one Richard DeVos. His flooding of the airways is a perfect example of a George W. Bush clone.

It is yet another example of a very rich man trying to buy the governorship. As of this writing, DeVos has spent more than $10 million in advertising.

Assuming that DeVos is a halfway decent businessman, am I to believe that he doesn’t expect a financial return of some sort for this investment?

Let us examine the cold, hard facts.

What we have is a man with absolutely no experience whatsoever in running government of any sort.

DeVos seems to think that the only thing necessary is to campaign with glittering generalities as opposed to specifics.

Like Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and his drum beating for the repeal of the Single Business Tax without saying how to replace the lost tax revenue, DeVos seems to think that all is needed is yet another clever catch phrase.

I had my own small manufacturing firm for more than 20 years and never once was the Single Business Tax the problem that DeVos, Patterson and the Republican Party in general paint it out to be.

The misguided concepts of globalization were, and still are, the No. 1 problem.

DeVos and the Republican Party in general keep baying that we, as a nation, must join in the free trade policies in order to reap the financial benefits.

Why then, when DeVos wanted to expand his business, was he forced to expand in China?

Could it be that if he tried to sell his Amway wares in China, while manufacturing them in the United States, the import taxes imposed in China would be so great as to make them non-competitive?

Can anyone honestly say they are better off now than when the Republicans took office?

When the Republicans took office there was an approximately $300 billion surplus in the treasury.

Today we have a $300 billion deficit, and thanks to the war in Iraq, it continues to grow.

I am not looking forward to Republican control of the state government. We had it for more than 10 years with John Engler.

All things being equal, I can’t blame Engler and his Republican cronies for the weather — but that’s about it.

~Robert Marakotan, Allen Park


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