Saturday, August 19, 2006

Time to help Ohio (0H-3)

I was just reading, or should I say trying to catch up on the weeks news and I came upon this piece over at Swing State Project.

Stephanie Studebaker, the Democratic candidate in OH-03, has formally withdrawn from the race after being arrested on domestic violence charges. The Buckeye State Blog does an extensive roundup on who might replace her. The most intriguing name at the top of the list: One Paul Hackett.
We all remember so well what happened with Paul Hackett by my own Senator Schumer last February. I understand that Paul made a promise not to run for Congress since other candidates had announced they were running, but sometimes I wonder about the DCCC and whoever is working the Ohio Branch.

The Buckeye State Blog has a round up of the potential candidates being eyed for the Ohio-3, just take a look who is at the top of the list - Paul Hackett.

I surely hope that he decides to run, being that there are close to 55 Veterans in the Band of Brothes, who are dedicated to electing Democratic veterans to national office.

Now is a time for the DCCC to court the Veteran, Paul Hackett to run and give all the assistance he needs. After all, Paul deserves it.

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