Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Rain Comes Down

I really don't mind though. I have been so busy with the campaign for John Hall. The Lawn Signs are coloring our district Blue as I write this. I worked really to coordinate the entire project, so today, while my youngest has a bunch of friends over, I am going to relax. To start with I am cozy in my Vermont Sweatshirt, with a bag of raisinets and catching up on Ned Lamont.

I love those Connecticut bloggers, they are just so instantaneous, keen, perspicacious, astute, clear-sighted, bright, canny and not to mention competent.

Ct. Blogger is wondering when Lieberman placed the bong down and has picked up the crack pipe.

Kirby is minding Connecticut Bob's Blog while he is circumnavigating the East Coast on his boat. "Must Love Boats" that Bob. Kirby has the wrap on this cool rainy Saturday.

Just who has a vested interest in defeating Ned Lamont?

Bluck, that is all I have to say about these two names linked in one head at My Left Nutmeg.

Spazeboy caught Lieberman under the Q bridge, something about how Lieberman brought so much transportation money to the state.

And Tim is Over his Head.

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