Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Our Intrepid Pam from Connecticut

I am bumping this comment up from the comments because it comes from Pam who has been out all day helping Ned Lamont

Just finished my poll standing. My back is killing me. I am sunburned. My feet are melted to my sandals. Now I am going over to the local Moose Club, where the Town Dems all collect to watch results.

The Absentee ballots in East Hartford were tied for both Lamont and Lieberman. (Rose, DeStefano won by 2 ballots)

I could go to Meriden and join the crowd, but I am just too pooped. It is a 30 minute drive to the Hotel to start with. National TV , etc are there. I don't think so.

I was interviewed by NPR today while I stood outside. A friend of Boston Bob has been assigned to this race and came looking for me. I do not know if it will be used or not.

Word is, 29,000 voters in State of CT, from May through yesterday, changed their registration from Republican, or from Unaffialed to Democrat. Now word seems to be, it is a Protest type of change. We shall see. I will try and come back after I get back home.

OH, and about that computer of Joe's that they were saying Lamont campaign hacked. Here is the word on that:

"Joe's been paying for the top tier $15 a month plan from a reseller called Myhostcamp, which itself is a reseller of ThePlanet.com which is a middle tier web host. I think what we have here folks is not a DoS attack, but a case of "picking a bad web host" or, if I might be so bold "why DIY hosting for your website may be cheap but a really bad idea."

At the end of the day, if you're paying $15 for your web hosting and have a 10GB hosting limit, one shouldn't expect to have their website up and operational when traffic spikes. Bandwidth alone just costs more than that, plain and simple. In contrast, I don't want to go into any specific numbers, but if Lamont had a 10GB cap on his bandwidth, he'd have been down at the first of the month. Plain and simple.

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