Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rev, Annotated

From Red Letter Rev:

R and I have been rapt watching John Adams. That should be required viewing for every junior high student.

Yes, it took a great deal of thought, negotiation, and an huge amount of courage to stand up to tyranny in the face of being shot for simply demanding dignity, fairness and equality. Most folks out walking around have no idea what the Founders and Framers went through and that is a shame on our educational system and a shame on any responsible citizen.

It was very interesting how they tried to end slavery, but were forced to put up with it to first gain independence from Britain. They did hope to take the issue up and end the shameful practice once and for all, but it took another 87 years and a horrible war to bring the promise of liberty and justice "for all" to a hobbling start. But it was a start to fulfilling the dreams of the Framers. Another 150 years later than that, and we're still in the struggle for liberty and justice "for all".

If the righties ever bothered to read and understand the Constitution (just like they don't read the Bible they love to beat people with), they would never be righties. Anyone who reads the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution would very quickly understand that both were created by, even carefully crafted (if you will) by liberals.

Liberals liberated this country from England. Liberals ended slavery. Liberals are still fighting for liberty and justice "for all". Liberals gave us the 5-day work-week, are guardians and stewards of the air, water and national resouces and natural treasures. Liberals made sure that (according to the Constitution) we have a right to redress in a court of law.

Reliably, the right-wingers have fought in favor of rights only for the rich and pampered, in favor of slavery (they're still not letting go), in favor of removing every right the Constitution guarantees. They fight to squander our natural resources for the profit of the very, very few, the rich and pampered. They actively work to suppress the voices of the poor, the disadvantaged.

Jesus only gave two commandments. The second being deemed equal to the first is to love one another. I firmly believe He'll have some mighty, mighty tough and personal questions to ask the wingnuts when they knock on the Pearly Gates.

Maybe it's because of the way I was raised (to love my country because of its marvellous Constitution), or maybe because of my military service (I promised [Quakers don't swear] to "protect, uphold and defend" it) or maybe because it's the correct, moral and only defensible position for a loyal, patriotic citizen to take. I've said it before and I'll keep repeating it until it takes hold: The Constitution is the one and singular document that makes America "America". If that is destroyed, then America itself is destroyed and something less, free, less righteous and, well, less, will take its place upon this soil.

You'll only find educated people aware of what the Constitution really means amongst the center to left. The right wingers don't read it, don't care what's in it: give them a mouthful of slogans to chant and a flag to wave and they'll happily (and stupidly) throw their rights and country away.

That's as good as treason and I regard them as I would any enemy of my beloved country.

You know how passionate I am about protecting the Constitution and the promises of freedom in it. Better men than I have said, "Until everybody is free, ain't nobody free" and that's the G'd's honest truth. It's more than just the concept and practices of a free society. The righties totally miss the point. Sadly, it's completely understandable, since they have no notion of empathy, compassion or anything outside their own personal wants, demands and desires, and screw everyone else.

The point the Framers were making, the point for which the Founders fought, endured hardships we can't imagine today, even died for, was that human beings deserve their own dignity and suchness. It is that rich tapestry that makes for a healthy society. Homogenization and regimentation always, always throughout history are the destroyers of nations.

Just because a few selfish folks wanted everything all their way and no way else. Every regimented state has failed, and the erosion on our nation is visible to the entire world.

It grieves me as much as losing a parent would, to see my beloved country sicken, wane and begin to die. The Constitution is mother to every citizen and like a mother, every patriotic citizen should protect, love and defend it.

It boils down to a very simple question: Do we support the Constitution and the rule of American law, or do we continue to allow the U.S. to slide into a third-world dictatorship?

We are on the verge of completely losing our citizenship and with it, our country, our freedoms and our way of life. There's but scant time to turn the Bush/neoKKKon mess around and become a constitutional democracy again.

Or not. It's up to us.
We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

So What Are You Going To Do About It?


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