Thursday, March 27, 2008

Going, Going…

President Bush Gives an Off-the-Record Pep Talk
While Many Aides Plan Their Exits

U. S. News & World Report, March 26, 2008:
Psst. You didn't hear it here, but President Bush had some things to say, strictly off the record, to a few thousand appointed administration officials and senior civil service workers gathered at DAR Constitution Hall, the District's largest auditorium. The March 4 session wasn't on the president's public calendar, and there is no official transcript posted on the White House website.

The secrecy surrounding what, in the past, has been a open event—the president's annual pep talk to the government's top officials—was a bit odd given the content of his remarks. Off the record and not to be quoted, Bush said that being president has been a "joyous experience."

The president said he remains energized to wrap up work on his agenda, and he used his comments to cheer workers on to push for a good ending of his administration. "He encouraged everyone to continue strong efforts and sprint to the finish," said one federal worker.

However, many senior and midlevel White House and administration officials are looking to land private-sector jobs sooner rather than later.

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