Monday, March 24, 2008

4000 U.S. Deaths In Iraq

Iraq Coalition

DoD Deaths Confirmed as of March 23, 2008 — 4,000


People who oppose the war in Iraq have learned some lessons from Vietnam. We bend over backwards to avoid saying or doing anything that could be misrepresented as "not supporting the troops." We accept as a given that they are mis-led by the civilian leadership in the White House, the Pentagon and even by some of the uniformed office corps. But we tend we talk about them as if we assume all soldiers, or at least most, are patriotic idealists who enlisted and serve with pride because they are committed to the nation, the military and their fellow sisters and brothers in arms.


Four more Americans in uniform were killed today in Iraq. Four still anonymous soldiers, whose families soon will know the depths of grief that 3996 families before them have been borne down to. Now 4000 Americans are dead in this war.

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It sickens the heart, the carnage that George W. Bush unleashed upon both our countries. No death is insignificant. The deaths of these four souls are just as lamentable as all those that have preceded, and all those that will surely follow while American forces remain in the midst of this civil war.

When will the President apologize for what he has wrought?

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