Friday, March 28, 2008

The Untold Story of McSame

From Maverick to Prostitute: The Untold Story of John McCain

Avenging Angel

As much as anything else, presidential campaigns are won and lost by the media narratives that rightly or wrongly come to define a candidate. In the case of Republican nominee John McCain, the seemingly unshakable narrative of the political "maverick" could not be further off the mark. At almost every turn, McCain in his eternal quest for the White House has reversed long-held positions, compromised core principles and swallowed his pride in order to curry favor with both the leading lights of the conservative movement and right-wing Republican primary voters. The untold story of campaign 2008 is simply that of John McCain's transformation from maverick to prostitute.

As the record shows, the selling of John McCain encompasses virtually the entire gamut of issues, foreign and domestic:

  1. Embracing "Crazy Base World"
  2. Closing Borders - and Minds - to Immigration
  3. Campaign Finance Fraud
  4. Going Over to the Supply Side on Taxes
  5. Attention: Deficit Disorder
  6. Let's Overturn Roe v. Wade After All
  7. Supreme Courtship of the Right
  8. France-Basher to Alliance Builder
  9. A Tortured Position on Torture
10. A Hate-Love Relationship with George W. Bush

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