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HUD Head Evicted?

HUD Head Jackson: "…Ethics? What ethics? And incompetence and corruption has got nothing to do with it!"

Loyalty Over Merits: During a speech on April 28, 2006, Jackson recounted a conversation he had with a prospective contractor who had a “heck of a proposal.” This contractor, however, told Jackson, “I don’t like President Bush.” Jackson subsequently refused to award the man the contract. A former HUD assistant secretary confirmed that Jackson told agency employees to “consider presidential supporters when you are considering the selected candidates for discretionary contracts.”

Political Retaliation: In 2006, Jackson allegedly demanded that the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) “transfer a $2 million public property” at a “substantial discount” to Kenny Gamble, a developer, former soul-music songwriter, and friend of Jackson’s. When PHA director Carl Greene refused, Jackson and his aides called Philadelphia’s mayor and “followed up with ‘menacing’ threats about the property and other housing programs in at least a dozen letters and phone calls over an 11-month period.”

Yep. Another Corrupt Bush Crony.

Jackson: "Oops... pardon me. Gotta go spend more time with my family. See ya."

Mr. Jackson is just the latest in a long line of Bush appointees who has resigned to go spend more time with his family. He may need that time, as the DOJ is investigating him for giving out contracts to friends. Yes, the culture of corruption is alive and well and living in the Bush Administration still.

Mr. Jackson said that he had worked hard to keep families in their homes, to revitalize public housing and to preserve affordable housing.

Top Ten List Of Crazy Statements by John McSame

We just don't need more of this McCrap.

John McCain has been saying a lot of downright nutty things lately. You've probably come across some of them, such as his admitted lack of knowledge about economics or his excitement at the prospect of remaining in Greater Mesopotamia for the next ten decades. [snip]

Glad trusty Joe Lieberman was there to explain to the man of "experience," a man who wants to lead the free world, that Sunnis (Al Qaeda) and Shia (Iran) not only don't work together but are in direct conflict.

It’s Official: Lieberman Is the New Zell Miller

"Ohh… ooh! Johnny McSame, please pick me… I'll be your BFF! (*nasally whine*) Pick me, pick me! Please, oh please!"


He is not just condemning his party’s position on Iraq, or praising McCain, his long-time friend. He is condemning in sweeping language the very core identity of the Democratic Party as weak and extremist. This is a tried and true Republican theme, which traditionally has more to do with scaring independent voters than with actual reasoned debate of the issues. It is not hard to remember another Democratic exile, Georgia Sen. Zell Miller, making a similar argument at the 2004 Republican Convention. [snip]

The message: The once noble Democratic Party has been taken over by peaceniks and radicals, who are weakening the country and threatening our security. Nearly two years after being rejected by his lifelong party in the Connecticut primary, it appears that Lieberman has only begun his effort to exact revenge. Look for him in September on a Twin Cities stage.

Save the Country. Save the Planet.

How different things could have been these last seven years.

Two contrasting stories on CBS' 60 Minutes illustrated for the hundredth time why selecting the right person for President matters. In 2000, the American people made the right choice in voting for Al Gore over George Bush, but five conservative justices of the Supreme Court overruled the people and instead installed perhaps the most lawless regime in American history. We have paid a huge price for the Court's lawless dishonesty. [snip]

Had we had an honest Supreme Court, we would have had a very different man as President. However he might have responded to 9/11, it is certain Al Gore would never have invaded Iraq and equally certain he would never have destroyed the Constitution's Bill of Rights through illegal spying on Americans, nor would he have trampled on statutes and treaties outlawing abuse of prisoners and torture for the sake of a mindless "global war on terror." But our nation would have been leading a global effort to deal with the threat of climate change.

Church Deacon Arrested For Anti-War T-Shirt?

Wuh? A Constitutional right for freedom of speech? First Amendment? Hah. You don't need no stinking free speech. Or a right to peaceably assemble, or to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

He's 80, but he was wearing the wrong tee shirt. One must never wear the wrong tee shirt. That's just unacceptable.

The fools are still on parade.

And it's April. Sigh.

Presidents and prime ministers will lie their countries into war -- but why do We the People keep buying it?

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