Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Verve

Not too long ago I put up a post from a comment left here about Sen. Daniel Akaka. While we as the progressive netroots are focusing on Lamont, I was so glad to see that Digby and Chris Bowers are writing about Akaka and Chafee, because they as bloggers have a much greater readership than I do.

Chris says:

All of the complaints that have been leveled against progressives for trying to unseat Lieberman can easily be turned against the DLC for trying to unseat Akaka, or against the conservative movement for trying unseat Chafee.
Chris is right the DLC needs to be criticized for using the primary system to enact change. We really need to start looking at the conservative Democrat Ed Case who is posing a serious threat to incumbent Senator Daniel Akaka in Hawaii, and the far-right Stephan Laffey who is posing a serious threat to Lincoln Chafee in Rhode Island.

A pretty clever move on the DLC's part because Sen. Akaka is not a high profiled Senator like Lieberman once was. But there are many more clever and educated bloggers that have realized what the DLC is up to.

I want to believe that we, the base, the people have the power to change what is happening in this country; fourberie by the government and underhandedness by the political machines. It is the credence of the bloggers on the left side that give me the energy to push on. They supply me with the power.

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