Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Brian Keeler for NY State Senate and a NEW New York


We need your help! And, here’s why this race is so important to the entire country. Because of the most recent Supreme Court ruling, if we win the NYS Senate, redistricting could net 4 NEW Democratic Congressional seats in Washington, DC. We are now just four seats short of that goal of turning the NYS Senate blue. So, please consider a donation to help in our fight to bring progressive values back to New York and America.

This Tuesday, July 11, is the first filing deadline for the Keeler2006 campaign report to the New York State Election Commission and there is a simple principle at play. If Keeler2006 can come in with a stunning first figure, the entire political world will sit up and take notice, which will help immensely in future fundraising.

The campaign is very close to this first fundraising goal and needs your help! If you can, please help reach this goal prior to the 7/11 deadline. No amount is too small and any sum would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping to raise $5000 and you can help make it happen.

Thank you so much for all that you do.
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