Monday, July 03, 2006


David Sirota has a "TAKE ACTION: Tell the DSCC to respect Connecticut Voters and Uphold its Mission. This post is regarding the "desperate act" of Lieberman today. Please take a moment and read what David says and call the DSCC or email them.

But it was another post by David that hits to the heart of what we are working for. David says:

So what is the real message from party elders like Schumer and Dodd in Washington when they say they refuse to support the winner of the Connecticut Democratic primary? It is simple: the folks in Washington see small "d" democratic engagement by ordinary people as equally as threatening to them as they see extremists like David Duke who are refused party support because of their crazy positions. And by publicly saying they will deny support to someone like Lamont if he wins the primary, they are deviously attempting to suppress and marginalize the very Democratic voters they say they represent.
Digby chimes in:
So, you see, Lieberman isn't actually leaving the party. He's just decided that he needn't answer to rank and file Democrats who vote in primaries. They do not know what a "real Democrat" is and they cannot be trusted to choose who they wish to represent the Democratic party in the fall election. Therefore, smarter people, like Joe Lieberman and Chuck Schumer, have to step in and tell them what's good for them. Surely, you can understand that. After all, Joe and Chuck have been leading us successfully to victory lo these many years. We should not question their wisdom.

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