Thursday, June 15, 2006

2,500 — "a number"

When asked about the landmark 2,500 US soldiers killed in Iraq, today the White House Press Secretary claimed that “Everybody would like the war to be over now.” He also said the 2,500 figure was “a number.”

QUESTION: Tony, American deaths in Iraq have reached 2,500. Is there any response or reaction from the president on that?

SNOW: You know, it’s a number, and every time there's one of these 500-benchmarks, people want something.

Of Course the WH would like this war over! It is their biggest nightmare, but to back out, will make it all look like the mistake it was!


It's just a number???

9 /11 is just a number
400 billion dollars is just a number
40,000 civilian deaths is just a number
18,000 injured is just a number
9 billion dollars lost is just a number
3 and a half years is just a number
1 Zarqawi is just a number
130,000 troops is just a number

However, callous arrogance, denial and stupidity is rampant and unlimited, in the White House.

Just keep in mind that what you're hearing is coming from the bunch who believe that the Constitution is "just a g.d. piece of paper." Clearly, there is no respect for the office, the founding document, our brave troops, nor the American people.
Patriotism involves one heckuvalot more than the ability to speak English or putting magnets on a gas-guzzler. Unfortunately, the pugs just can’t make the leap from all-show-no-go to abstract understanding of what makes a nation; most particularly what makes this nation.

The far-right think if they mouth prayers loudly in public (yet deny the Gospel) and wave a flag and put ribbon magnets on their SUV's, that is surely the primrose path to righteousness. Gimme something for nothing -- that's the Republican way. T'ain't that easy. It takes involvement and participation.

You only get to keep the rights you're willing to defend. Once a right is taken away (or thrown away, in the case of the reichers), it never returns.

(muttering) Just a number ... grrrr ... those were real people with real lives and real loved ones.

~Red Letter Rev

Why did you lie, George?
Why did they die for your lies, George?
Why do you keep lying, George?
Why, George, WHY?

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