Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Musings (political and otherwise) for the day.

I was on my way to my favorite bookstore (PamB knows the one) today, and I was listening to my favorite radio guy. I was astonished when Colin said he was about to interview Mary Cheney. This, I thought, is going to be good cuz Colin just is a blunt kind of a guy. Heck, he pissed Lieberman off by asking some hard questions. I'm not so sure Colin's questions with Mary (or maybe lack of stick-it-to-her on her responses) were so hard core. Anyway, I was trying to listen to the interview in full -- as I sat in the parking lot of said bookstore. You can take a listen here:


(You have to scroll down to the 5th story on the left-hand side to find the interview).

Anyway, I didn't have the sustenance to continue to listen. I was getting nauseaous (sp) at Mary's BS comments. I relented angrily. Shut off the car and headed into Barnes & Noble where I (ironically) picked up a copy of one of my favorite magazines. It's a feminist magazine called, "bitch." Somehow, that made me feel better or vindicated or something.

Next, I just want to say that I have (MUCH more than usual) avoided the DNC blog these days. The trolls tire me, and I really wish the DNC folks would put a stop to it. I understand time constraints probably have something to do with it, but jeez!!

Otherwise, I am overloaded with Senior (High School) constraints. My son had prom this weekend. And then we had some issues with his grades (AGAIN). Then, I'm trying to plan a graduation party AND buy gifts and all the rest of the BS that comes from being a parent of two teens. It feels like I just went through this stuff one year ago. Oh, yes, I did!

Last year my older son gave me a heap of the graduation stuff. Two years in a row is just too much!! Speak of my older son, he was late coming home from work tonight. It is uncharacteristic for him. And I really think I can handle one hour late with little panic. But when it came to TWO HOURS, all kinds of things went through my head -- as any mothers out there can relate to. But he arrived, and he was fine (Ummm, didja even consider CALLING me to let me know you are delayed?).

Sometimes I think these guys are trying to send me to an early grave! I've thought about putting them up for adoption. The problem is that my older son is 19, and my youger son will turn 18 on June 25. Generally, they are good kids, though. It just feels like they are testing my patience.

Silly as it may seem, I decided to comfort myself by scheduling a rare appointment for a manicure on Friday. Maybe I'll consider getting a tatoo next ;-)

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