Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tony Snow is One Sick Bastard...

and seems to be on an almighty high after he snuck into Baghdad with his boss and posed for photo ops. It appears that Tony Snow gets off playing G.I. Joe, too bad the guy has no clue what it is really like to go on a mission.

However, he thought he was on a mission today. A purely evil mission belittling soldiers and former presidents. First he demeaned the lives of the 2,500 soldiers who were killed serving a lie by President Bush by calling their deaths "A number and a benchmark." Think Progress has the video and transcript:

Q Tony, American deaths in Iraq have reached 2,500. Is there any response or reaction from the President on that?

MR. SNOW: It’s a number, and every time there’s one of these 500 benchmarks people want something. The President would like the war to be over now. Everybody would like the war to be over now. And the one thing that we saw in Iraq this week is further testimony to the quality of the men and the women who are doing that, and the dedication and determination to try to ensure that the people of Iraq really do live in a free, effective democracy of their own creation and design.

Any President who goes through a time of war feels very deeply the responsibility for sending men and women into harm’s way, and feels very deeply the pain that the families feel. And this President is no different. You’ve seen it many times. You saw it, you saw it when he was in that ballroom, Terry, and you had this crowd of servicemen and women who were cheering loudly for the President, and he got choked up. So it’s always a sad benchmark, and one of the things the President has said is that these people will not die in vain.
I find it truly amazing to listen to G.I. Snow rubbing up against the President and selling Americans a loving picture in Iraq. War is the ugliness thing people view and for 6 years we have seen all the ugliness this President has caused. And today we were reminded of it by G.I. Snow.

But G.I. Snow was not done, he had to defend the reason that his loved and cheered President snuck into Iraq. So what does G.I. Snow do at the prompting of Imus? He decides to attack Former President Carter for sneaking off to fish, while Bush only sneaks off to speak with other governments:
1. Whereas Bush “snuck off” to visit Iraq, Carter “used to sneak off and fish on the weekends.”

2. “[U]nlike in the Carter years, where…you had the humiliation of hostages being taken in Iran,” in Bush’s case, “you’ve got the president who’s showing up in Baghdad and talking with the new government.”
The response by Think Progress to these two remarks is the reason, they are the first website I log on to read the news of the day. Nico from Think Progress writes:

A couple points:

1) Tony Snow is in no position to mock President Carter for vacationing. President Bush has spent more time vacationing than any president in modern history, with 319 days worth as of August 2005. President Carter took 79 vacation days during his 4 years in office, the lowest of any president in modern history.

2) Kidnapping has become a “scourge of Iraqi unrest.” Tony Snow claims the hostage crisis in Iran was a humiliation for President Carter. But “at least 280 foreigners” — including many Americans — “and thousands of Iraqis…have been taken hostage since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003,” and Baghdad has become the “kidnap capital of the world.”
This administration has hit an all time low making it public that they can attack former Presidents and belittle the deaths of soldiers. I was reminded that the soldiers who had to protect this pathetic man, may have had buddies who lost their lives.Perhaps these soldiers even watched as their buddies got blow up.

Hey G.I. Snow, this is what a soldier views everyday, Tomorrow Never Comes Until It's Too Late

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