Wednesday, June 14, 2006

If You Can Stomach It . . .

Well, this part will be easy to endure, George Carlin will be on Leno tomorrow night. I just love him! Though, I admit I've been a bit disappointed in his political abandonment over the past couple of years.

BUT guess who else will be on that program? Ann the Mann!! Gawd, that woman has raised holy hell, and -- in the process -- sold a shitload of books as a result! It makes me crazy!

And Al Gore was on Larry King tonight. King asked Gore about his reaction to the Coulter flap, and Gore was just disgusted with the whore (I don't mean that in a SEXUAL way at all!). She has sold her soul to satan. I hope she rots in hell!

Gore's movie looks incredible, and it beat the box-office sales of Anniston's "Breakup" movie. Wowzer. They said that the movie will open nationwide on Friday. You betcha I'll be there to see it.

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