Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ned Lamont Denounces Lieberman Mailers

Will Bunch is stating that Democrats are the "Silent Majority." It cannot be said of Ned Lamont.

A mailing sent by Senator Joseph I. Lieberman to Democratic Town Committee members is a weak attempt to misrepresent Ned Lamont, Lamont's campaign said today--and shows Lamont is posing a serious threat to the three-term incumbent Senator.

"Evidently Senator Lieberman is Karl Rove's favorite Democrat, too, because these tactics are the worst kind of smear campaign, not becoming to a former candidate for the Presidency" said Liz Dupont-Diehl, Lamont's communications director.

"This is pathetic attempt to divert attention from Senator Lieberman's record of support for President Bush and avoid the major issues of war, universal health care, and energy independence and the environment," she added. "These are the issues we will run on."

Lamont has personally visited more than 45 Democratic Town Committees this year and dozens of other community meetings and forums, Dupont-Diehl added, and is building a grassroots base of support and volunteers.

Lamont has pledged to support the Democratic winner of the August 8 primary. Lieberman has said he may run as an independent if he does not win Democratic nomination in the primary, because he believes he has so much to offer.

Lamont has also pledged not to seek or accept funds from Washington lobbyists.

The campaign is in the midst of a statewide petition drive, with volunteers collecting at signatures of at least 15,000 registered Democrats to ensure Lamont a spot on the August 8 primary ballot.

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