Monday, May 08, 2006

Barbi caught it on the comments last board. The 'Perch' was not a perch.

What was it? Well, read paragraph sixteen of this story about Steve Bridges (ironically it is a story about a Bush impersonator). In paragraphs fifteen and sixteen though they are talking about the real President Bush.

In the midst of his 1999 campaign run, the man who was once a Yale cheerleader scuffed up and spit-polished his Texas twang. Shortly before he was elected, he bought a sixteen-hundred-acre pig farm in Crawford, Texas, and transformed it into an old family homestead, complete with a man-made lake stocked with largemouth bass cross-bred so that they’re easy to catch.

This needs to get out far and wide. Even the fish was a phony, a specially bred easy-catch fish.

Only Dubya's so dumb he thinks he achieved something.

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