Sunday, May 07, 2006

Netroots for Ned Lamont

Connecticut has voted in Joe Lieberman for far too long. It is imperative that they understand the true ideology of the man who has been representing them in the Senate. David Podvin wrote an article titled "Savagery":

Terrorist degenerates represent a real threat to the United States, but the more imminent danger is posed by conservative degenerates who believe that vanquishing bin Laden requires emulating him. When Joe Lieberman insisted that the abominations perpetrated by Americans at Abu Ghraib did not require an apology because the other side never apologized for 9/11, he was expressing the right wing fondness for embracing the lowest ethical denominator.
Digby reminded me:
I suspect that many others who are engaged in the netroots like me became radicalized in their 30's and 40's by a Republican Party that started to behave as an openly undemocratic institution. Why so many of these establishment Democrats and insider press corps aren't exercised by this after what we've seen, I can't imagine. Perhaps they just can't see the forest for the trees.
Connecticut has been deceived and betrayed far too long by Joe Lieberman and the beauty of it all is that now have a choice for a new Senator.

Thars gold in them thar hills in Connecticut, if you care to look, and he goes by the name of Ned Lamont

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