Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dissatisfaction or Collective Agreement

First, the White House states that War on Terror is really World War III. Next the verdict is announced. Porter J. Goss was forced to step down because the White House grew dissatisfaction with his leadership during a time of war.
Goss was forced out yesterday after months of tension between him and John Negroponte over the CIA's reduced turf, and that President Bush lost confidence in Goss "almost from the beginning."
Then today the White House denies that Bush had lost confidence in Porter Goss, saying there was a "collective agreement" the agency needed a new leader now.

Meanwhile the White House plans to name Goss's replacement on Monday: Air Force General Michael V. Hayden, who as Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence has been a visible and aggressive defender of the administration's controversial eavesdropping program.
White House officials had hoped to announce Goss's departure and Hayden's nomination at the same time but Goss, who resigned under pressure, balked at that kind of choreography. "He said, 'If we're going to do this, let's go ahead and do it.''
Think Progress writes: Some sources tell the San Diego Union Tribune that Goss’s resignation was related to the Cunningham bribery scandal.

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