Thursday, May 11, 2006


What I have learned about humans ( and I am a Humanist, mind you ) is that they can be led to think slavery is okay, genocide is okay, incinerating millions of Jews is okay and so it is no surprise to me that they can be led to believe that environmental destruction is okay, unprovoked war is okay, greed is okay and the rest. At this stage of my life I have come to really value good leadership. The kind of leadership that calls people to think of their children and grandchildren and those of others and what kind of future is to be left for them. The kind that encourages people to educate themselves, to become scientists and parents and teachers and doctors and carpenters, to create and build with a sense of beauty and altruism. To make the existential choices to hope, to care for others and to find joy in the smallest and most miraculous things such as sunrises, kids’ laughter and healing wounds.

Who offers this leadership today? I would be interested to see who the rest of you feel are such leaders. I will start with Eliot Spitzer and my old seventh grade math teacher Mr. McKeough.


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