Monday, May 22, 2006

I feel insecure. This administration has used the 9-11 "Homeland security, look we're at war right now" excuse to give me and insecure feeling in all I do. They wiretap phone calls, maintain a database of every number dialed in America, expect ISPs and search engines to give records on searches and IP addresses, expect libraries to provide records of books checked out, banks to provide transaction records, provisions in the Patriot Act allow for physical searches without a warrant while you aren't home, all the while claiming my privacy and civil rights aren't being violated.

Although I've got nothing to hide, I fear doing certain things because "Big Brother" could be watching all that I do and then questioning me on why I checked the Holy Koran from the library, looked up biographical information on the Mohammed on Google, withdrew $55.00 from my savings account, called California, American Airlines, KI Sawyer Int. Airport, an iron ore mine, a power plant control room and why I have various military uniforms, security guard uniforms and a Glock model 22 .40 s&w pistol locked up in my house.

Although my answers to these questions are legitamite; I want to know more about Islam, I need gas, my Dad lives in California, father in law works at American Airlines, my boss works at the airport, I work at an iron ore mine, I do security at a port for a power company, I am a former member of the military, currently a security guard and need the ability to be armed for promotion oppurtunities at work, I still feel unsafe.

What if they declared me an enemy combatant? I would never get a shot at a trial so I can use my legitamite answers, because according the the bUSH administration I've got no right to a trial. Instead I'd sit at Gitmo, my family having no idea where I am at, for who knows how long simply because I wanted to learn about Islam.

Yes this scenario sounds far fetched, but could it happen? I'm worried that with the people running the country right now, it could. Nobody is holding this administration accountable for what they do, not the courts, not Congress and certainly not the majority of the media. I feel lucky to have some honest media and of course the blogosphere but someday could this administration consider dissent as an act of being an enemy combatant? With this administration anything is possible.

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