Friday, May 19, 2006

Connecticut Democratic Convention

I had hoped to join Pam at the Lamont Tent, but things did not pan out so I will do my best by providing some good websites that will be live blogging the Convention. I know that Pam will be a wonderful asset for the Lamont Campaign. I look forward to reading her point of view later tonight.

Tim at the Lamont Blog
will be posting all through the Convention.

Connecticut Network will be streaming the convention.

Matt at MyDD will be reporting from inside the hall. You can find out alot from Matt, even what they have been eating and what goodies are being placed on the chairs.

Connecticut Blog
will be streaming the Convention starting at 6:00 pm. (Pam we will be searching for you )

A new website was set up by Neal Fink called Convention Blog and they will be live blogging as well.

Third Party at the Lamont Blog will also be reporting through the night.

and finally Spaze Boy at La Resistance has some pictures up already.

May the force be with you NED!!

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