Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Circle your wagons, friends, the attack is on.

I figured out yesterday that there is an incredibly organized network among the 29% of Americans who remain loyal to W. Every single one of these people has a fresh bumper sticker on their SUV's. Although it's less than 3/10 of the vehicles on the road, their blatancy and newness looks like rather impressive, I must say. I saw "I'd rather go hunting with Cheney than go for a ride in Teddy's Oldsmobile", "I support my President and this war", "I support my President and I am a veteran", "Real men vote Republican", "Support the troops, support the GOP", "Democracy under attack by the Liberal Elite", etc.

Time to put our stickers out, friends. After all, there's 7 of us to 1 of them. Let's drown them out! Let the bumper sticker wars begin!!!

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