Sunday, May 21, 2006

Brian Keeler, co-founder of ePluribus Media is holding his official public announcement to run for the Senate of the 41st District of New York on Thursday, May 25 at 12:30 PM along the waterfront in Poughkeepsie.

To quote Brian Keeler or NYBri:

"The 41st District is primed and ready for change in Albany. Our job is to offer the voters an alternative to the calcified Republican status quo in the State Senate. To point out that there has been a lack of leadership in our district, that leadership means more than just showing up, that doling out member item dollars doesn't solve the the property tax crisis...the drinking water crisis...the energy crisis...the deficit crisis...the loss of jobs crisis...the health care crisis...the disappearing pension crisis...the creeping sprawl crisis. Pork doesn¹t solve problems, it buys complacency.

True leadership means solving problems, making tough choices and taking a stand.

After 26 years, it¹s time for No Stand Saland to step aside and make way for a NEW kind of leadership in the State Senate. It's time for a NEW team.

It¹s time for a NEW sense of hope, a NEW vision for the future, a NEW New York.

It would be a great honor if you could make it to the event to stand next to me as we embark on this excellent adventure. We are going to give Duck and Cover Steve a run for his rather large sum of money. The fight is on."

To contribute to this very deserving candidate, please send a buck or two.

Your contribution would be so very appreciated.

Let us take back our country, one district at a time.

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