Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ned Lamont gets a big thumbs up
at the Connecticut Convention

1509 votes count
Ned Lamont - 505 (33.4%)
Joe Lieberman - 1004 (66.5%)

Brandford Boy at My Left Nutmeg says it beautifully:

The most exquisite irony in all this is that, in their attempts to raise expectations for Lamont's vote total to what they assumed would unrealistic levels, the Lieberman camp turned out to be the most prescient progosticators of the final result.
The Lamont Blog has some early reactions:
"Joe Lieberman is an icon in Connecticut," said Al Simon, 46, a delegate from Windsor, which passed a resolution this year censuring the senator for his position on Iraq. "For this to happen is indicative of the depth of anger felt by a lot of rank-and-file Democrats against Democratic leaders."
Read it and weep Joe Momentums.
Ned is on the ballot and
has on the ground!

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