Saturday, December 09, 2006

Karen Carter Watch

You can watch the returns for the Louisiana here

Tim at MyDD has a post up
, he is down in New Orleans with the Carter Campaign.

Update: [12/10] Jefferson has been re-elected. In a democracy, the people get the government they vote for. The important thing to be watching in this case is whether Jefferson will get back his Committee assignment.

COMMENT from robliberal at MyDD:

Louisiana desperately needs his [Jefferson's] influence on the committee assignments he had. If Pelosi does not reappoint him and does not replace him with someone from the LA (or perhaps even MS) delegations she will be seen as slamming the door on Katrina victims which will look bad on Democrats at a time when Katrina will be a major issue in the LA and MS statewide races in 2007 and the Senate and presidential race in those states in 2008. Voters in those states are angry at the Bush administration and the GOP and the Democratic control of both houses is a golden opportunity for Democrats to make gains in those states. Another very hard decision for Pelosi to make.

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