Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yeah, right

Don't let him fool you - he's crying about George - It was never supposed to be George as President. It was to be Jeb. What happened!?!? George has screwed it up so much that the dynasty has ended. Sob, sob, sob.


And, I quote:

The former president also answered questions for about a half hour.

When asked about the vision for his grandchildren, he said neither he nor his wife are pushing them toward politics or running for public office.

"But I hope that they will, I hope quite a few of them will," he said before pausing and joking about the current President Bush's daughters. "I'm not sure I'd count on the twins doing this - Jenna and Barbara - but they're full of life and they might."

Six years ago, when the twins were 19, they were charged with underage drinking in an Austin, Texas bar.

"They've calmed way down," their grandfather said. "They're doing great."

Yeah, right.

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