Saturday, December 02, 2006


I have to get back to the reasonable
Back to the reasonable I once knew
Even though it is so late in this season
One by one the favorites I will view.

So with that I visited my friend from the North
and found the greatest relaxation link

Next I stopped at Mannion's Place
to read words aren't just about what they mean

So while some try to leave this world of blogging
El Commandante simply cannot be one.

For where would I be without Cairo
Introducing Christmas Comes Early.

Though sad to see the pictures taken
I was glad to see she has returned, Idyllopus.

And last I just wanted to make sure
That you all knew where to find
The one I owe for making this blog

So that is a part of what I have time to read,
the little time that seems to be mine of late.
But I feel what I am working for
Is all worth it. For the PEOPLE!

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