Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A little "funny" on NCIS tonight

I won't get too much into the case of the show. But some Navy guy was murdered on a college campus. He had shared two girlfriends from the campus. One of the girls was questioned by Gibbs (Mark Harmon). She gave him incriminating stuff about the other girl, who "posted nasty stuff on her blog." Gibbs asks, "What's a blog?" The girl says, "It's a blog. A place where people post stuff." He was puzzled, but it was kind of dropped.

Later (several segments), Gibbs asks Ziva if she knows what a "Clog is?" Ziva responds, "You mean a shoe or something stuck in a drain?" Okay, this may sound stupid, but Ziva is Israeli. She has always had serious problems with the English language.

Then Gibbs says, "It's something someone has on the computer." Ziva responds, "Oh, I thought that was called a blog. But I don't know."

It just kind of tickled my funnybone.

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