Friday, November 03, 2006

Big Box Preachers: “Let Us Prey”

*Time Wounds All Heels*

(More from our Rantin’ Rev:)

One of the most important things we have to do nationwide is to remove the Republican machine district gerrymandering. In far too many districts, the Democratic vote is extremely diluted on purpose. That's part of how the pugs built their machine to steal and hold on to absolute power.

The other big part of their power-hold may be slipping - the one with the big-box “preachers” (vote cheerleaders) and their cult-freak followers who are willing to sell theirs and everybody else's Bill of Rights right out from under us. I didn't give anybody permission to shred the Constitution nor to sell my rights to a bunch of greedy, corrupt Republican corporatist despots. Especially snake-charmers like Haggard who are throwing GLBT people to the wolves while he's sneakin' off for a li'l down-low.

Bastid. May he rot in hell for selling out his country and his cult-followers like that.

If the pugs steal it again (which I'm positive they are in the process of doing), it will be “to the streets and never let up until every thieving, lying, traitorous pug is in jail forever.” Never again. They're not going to steal another one and get away with it. Not this time, not ever again.
. . .

Most folks still don't realize just how deeply in jeopardy America is. The so-called federalists, the PNAC-ers, the southern separatists have joined in an unholy (no pun) alliance whose very mission is to destroy the Constitution: hence, America itself.

This is far, far more serious than a few gay guys getting outed. The far-right have been active in the crime of sedition for years. Not one single American should sleep a wink until every one of these seditionists is rotting in jail and the Constitution is once again safe from domestic enemies of America.
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Ain't any religion in it -- it's just an poor attempt at trying to put Jesus' face on their duplicity. Anyone who is willing to sell their fellow Americans into slavery or, at the very best, non-citizenship cum Jim Crow, is a seditionist who should rightly swing from a high branch with a short rope. Luckily, I won't ever have to worry about that -- the Lord will be a much better getter-backer on the Last Day than I will ever be in the here-and-now.

Dang, I'm tired of being lied to, discriminated against and told that I'm not a human being. I know I'm just as much an American (if not WAY MORE) than any of these chickenhawk apologists to sedition.
. . .

The Haggardites are going “now, let's pray for the man” and everyone else is going “not when you sell the Constitution and the nation down the road by bashing everyone else, we ain't.”

Gotta love it when the hypocrites and seditionists are called out.

~Red Letter Rev


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