Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rantin' Rev: "You Choose"

(Borrowed from the Rev:)

No question that the neoselfservatives have completely screwed up Iraq and destabilized the Middle East. None whatsoever. No question that Iraq is already in a civil war. When people stop voting and start shooting at each other, that's a civil war, end of story, period, full stop.

Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld's little pirate war has ruined our economy, completely screwed up the Middle East, enslaved our treasury to Communist China (unforgivable!) and wiped their fat backsides on the Constitution. Criminals, with criminal-minded (or cult-freak) followers. That's not what I want running my government. It's up to each American to decide whether or not they want a criminal government or a clean, transparent one. The only way that happens is to participate and not give them a chance to steal it out from under you.

I blame people who sit on their butts or say "oh, I don't like politics" just as much as I blame the nutcase right-wingers for the mess our government is in; equally for enabling the neoKKKons to perpetrate sedition at home and nation-as-enterprise-building abroad. If you feel un-inclined to vote for change, consider this:

If you were in a department store and saw someone tucking a few shirts into their bags, would you call an associate over and point it out, or would you "just let it ride" because you're not interested and think it doesn't affect you? Allowing someone else to steal through your own inaction is just as much aiding and abetting as if you were handing the thief the shirts to steal.

You gonna let a group of people do that to your whole country? If you stand idly by or vote to continue enabling theft, misery and destruction (R) then you are no better than the criminal. Period.

On the other hand, if you try to do the right thing, (voting D), even if some of your candidates are defeated this go around, you've cleared your conscience and departed from sin. As far as I concerned, it's almost as simple as that. Protecting the Constitution and the American way of life is the most patriotic act of all.

Enabling those who destroy the Constitution, steal your jobs and send them overseas, steal oil from other nations, enrich themselves on no-bid contracts that your tax dollars are being wasted on, isn't just wrong... it's unpatriotic, and borders on the stupid and self-destructive.

You choose.

The best thing we can do as a nation is to get the hell away from Iraq, quit throwing our children into a death machine and set about restoring our face. The only way we can do that is to mind our own damn business for a while, prosecute and convict the criminals who stole from us and attempted to steal from Iraq, and get our own house clean.

We have no business telling anyone else how to run their business, when obviously and demonstrably we can't run our own.

The neoselfservatives have been picking illegal wars since Korea. It's waaayyyyy past time to put a stop to their criminality. Don't just throw the bums out; throw them in prison where they richly deserve to be.

~Red Letter Rev


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